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 Kavliari 62 NE Hunter

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PostSubject: Kavliari 62 NE Hunter   Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:27 am

In-Game Name: Kavliari

Age IRL: 23

Location In Australia (Suburb & State): Brisbane, Queensland

LVL and Class: 60 Hunter

Professions: Skinning (375) Leather Working (200)

Alts And Twinks: Some soon to come, I'm new to Spinbreaker

How Many Hours Daily Do You Play WoW?: Between 2 - 8

What Days Are You On WoW?: Every weekday after 5pm and weekends as much as I can spare time for.

Highest Accomplishment(s) on WoW: Well before expansion I was pretty well geared up for places like DM with alot of fire resist gear but that's all a waste of time considering I'm wearing all greens now lol. I'm about 200g away from my epic mount and then plan on saving for my flying mount in outlands.

Any (Blue or Above) Gear Worth Mentioning?: Bonechewer Berserker's Vest is a pretty good chest peice for a hunter my lvl. Bladefist's breadth is an awesome trinket. Band of the victor. Blackstone Ring.

If you application is successful, what time will you be on to get an Invite?: I'll be on Thursday afternoon at 5pm - 11pm
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Kavliari 62 NE Hunter
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